Waring Pro Professional Waffle Maker Review

Waring Pro Professional Waffle Maker Review

Belgian waffles are one of the most delicious treats with which you can adorn your breakfast table, but they’re also a pain to make, and some basic waffle makers can result in quite a mess. I took a look at a number of different, popular Belgian waffle makers from several major brands – such as Cuisinart, Black & Decker, and Waring. This is what I have to say about the Waring professional waffle maker.

Double Pocket Construction for Thick, Fluffy Waffles

The Waring Pro features a double-pocket construction. Either side of its griddle is more than one inch deep. This allows for your waffle batter to expand while cooking, producing those extra-thick and fluffy Belgian waffles with deep nooks and crannies that everybody loves so much. Meanwhile, the size of the Waring Pro makes it convenient: it takes up barely any counter top space, at fifteen inches long and ten inches wide (and high).

Safe, One Hundred and Eighty Degree Rotation for Evenly Cooked Waffles

The Waring Pro’s design incorporates a simple, cool-touch handle, allowing the waffle maker to be rotated in its cradle while cooking – for smooth, evenly cooked waffles, each and every time. This is what makes the light and fluffy consistency of Belgian waffles possible. It also allows you to cook two waffles at once, getting everybody’s breakfast out of the way quickly and efficiently. Few other Belgian waffle makers can make the same claim on convenience as the Waring professional!

My Favorite Waffles

I adore Belgian waffles. I really do. I’ve had experience with a lot of different waffle makers over the years. I’ve had a chance to enjoy Belgian waffles made with the Waring professional waffle maker, and I have to say – they’re some of the best I’ve ever had. I was able to cook my own – and, having never used this waffle maker before, I found it easy and simple to operate. There really is nothing to it; follow the simple directions, and you’ll be cooking Belgian waffles like a pro in minutes!

Ease of Cleaning: the Waring Professional

Cleaning out any waffle maker, but especially a Belgian waffle maker, is something that nobody looks forward to. That said, the Waring Pro professional Belgian waffle maker makes it as easy as possible. It’s hard to imagine the job being more convenient than this: just wipe off the outer surface with a dry paper towel, and wipe out the inside with a damp dish cloth. The non-stick plates are truly revolutionary; even hardened batter spatters just wipe right off – with the same ease with which your waffles will slide off the griddle and onto your plate!

What do You Think About the Waring Professional Waffle Maker?

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