Turning Japanese for Fine White Rice – Best Selection!

Japanese ceramic rice cookers

Japanese ceramic rice cookers are all the rage. Why? A rice cooker allows you to prepare sumptuous, moist, and delicate rice – consistently, every time you make it – without a lot of fuss, and without an extensive cleanup. Meanwhile, you’re free to prepare the rest of your meal! So, which ceramic rice cooker should you choose? First, let’s lay out the basics.

What’s the Big Deal about Ceramics?

There’s a certain amount of personal opinion involved here, but a lot of people swear by ceramic cookware. I’ve found that it results in exceptionally consistent results, each and every time that I use a particular appliance. It tends to result in light, moisture-rich foods, with their flavors strongly preserved. A lot of people think rice is almost flavorless; the simple truth is, they’ve probably  never had it cooked properly – by any traditional methods that predate the modern stove top.

From Kinto, a Traditional Ceramic Rice Cooker with a Modern Design

Kinto’s ceramic pot creates fluffy, fragrant rice with a full, mouth-watering richness every time. A convenient indicator line helps you to measure the perfect amount of water. Once you’re done cooking, the same pot can be placed on the table for serving, then placed in the fridge to help store leftovers. It’s made of glazed earthenware, so it’s durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. You won’t find a rice cooker that’s more simple or straightforward than this.

Hannex’s Rice Cooker is Flexible and Safety-Conscious

Hannex offers a metal rice cooker made of stainless, rust-resistant materials; it’s dishwasher-safe, but it also wipes clean almost effortlessly. Its nested inner pots are made of ceramic, and come in multiple sizes, allowing for optimal cooking whatever the amount of rice that you need to produce. Hannex’s patented heating technology ensures that your rice is cooked evenly and thoroughly, for quality results that you can see and taste.

With a Name Like VitaClay, You Know it’s… Ceramic?

VitaClay offers a smart and organic “multi-cooker” that can serve as a traditional Japanese rice cooker, a slow cooker, a steamer, or even a yogurt maker! Its outer housing is of stainless steel, and it features a convenient button-based interface and a handy high-visibility LED temperature display (I find this to be very handy, myself). Its inner container is of naturally  non-stick ceramic, without any chemical coating to interfere with your rice’s natural flavor.

What’s Our Verdict?

All three of these products are excellent, each with their own strengths and drawbacks. For my part, I’m going to go ahead and suggest the VitaClay cooker; it’s got above-average convenience for a Japanese ceramic rice cooker, with its built-in temperature display and cooking timer, and it can snap to other functions in a pinch. Its earthenware bowl is all-natural and resilient, promising many years of satisfying use.

Try One Today!

Japanese ceramic rice cookers save a lot of time and aggravation in the kitchen by handling a significant portion of any rice-based meal for you. Once they’re simmering away, you can focus on preparing other dishes… or take a few minutes for yourself to relax. They’re convenient, and affordable, while being small enough to store easily. They protect against boil-overs and spills, and they themselves clean up without a fuss. Take a look at some of the options we’ve presented here, and consider trying one of these marvelously versatile cookware items in your kitchen today!