Prevue Hendryx Signature Series Royalty Parrot Cage

Prevue Hendryx Signature Series Royalty Parrot Cage

Treat your bird like Royalty with this cage from Prevue. This one certainly isn’t cheap in any respect, starting with the price tag. Retailing for about $450 at most major retailers, this Signature Series cage has a large interior area to allow for plenty of toys and perches while still affording enough room for any large size parrot to flap its wings and move around freely. Prevue has also taken great lengths to ensure that the product is safe your bird, using non-toxic paints and finishes on their wrought iron. This cage is well-built, reliable, and the Asian pagoda aesthetic gives it a unique visual flair that will complement any home d├ęcor. Read on and you can check it out for yourself.

Roomy Enough for Large Birds

The Prevue is not just big, it’s also very tall at 72 inches in height, 41 inches long, and 28 inches wide. That’s a lot of cage so your parrot is going to be well pampered with all of the roominess to move around and stretch its wings. If you’re on the shorter side, you might need a step ladder to retrieve your bird from within especially if it climbs to the top of the cage. But your bird will appreciate having all of this space to move from perch to perch and get some exercise and with a one inch wide spacing in between the bars, you can be sure it won’t be able to slip out. Smaller birds might have an easier time of it, so this one is strictly for the larger breeds.

Convenient Enough for Bird Owners
This cage has all of the essential necessities that every bird owner is going to want on a secure and reliable enclosure. There are three feeder doors in which to supply food and water for your feathered friend and the doors lock to prevent your bird from popping them open and knocking their food from the feed cups. In case your parrot does have a problem with flinging seeds out of the cage, there are extra wide, rounded corner seed trays to catch the mess.

Summing Up

Unlike other cages, there is no play-top area due to the pagoda design. This one brings a little more style to the table than total functionality, but don’t worry, there is still plenty of top notch utility here. Wood perches, stainless steel feed cups and a push button door lock are all in place to make this a fully reliable and secure home for your favorite bird.