PowerSmart DB8605-22 Gas Powered Lawn Mower

PowerSmart DB8605-22 Gas Powered Lawn

Even when you are renting a home, you may be responsible for maintaining the grounds of that home. This means that the yard may be your job to cut. Many people who rent their homes or apartments may have the complex or renter cutting their lawns, but for those who don’t, investing in a lawn mower is ideal for those small to medium sized yards. The DB8605-22 is a gas powered lawn mower manufactured and offered by Power Smart. It is one of many choices of gas lawn mowers on the market.

Details and Description

This DB8605-22 has a 196cc, four stroke engine with a pull string to get it started. There are eight different adjustable cutting heights including one and a fourth to three and a fourth inches. The steering is rear wheel with ten inch back wheels and eight inch front wheels. The entire mower, without any oil or gas added is approximately seventy-seven pounds. The gas container holds fifteen gallons and is mounted on the rear with an easy release. For easy storage, the handle can fold down and it can fit into almost any storage shed. It performs mulching and then proceeds to bag it upon discharge. The cutting width is roughly twenty two inches with a safety mechanism to stop the blades in case of emergency.

The Positives of the DB8605-22

Consumers have reported the DB8605-22 to be very powerful with a 196cc engine. To start, many consumers reported that they only had to pull the string once to start up the lawn mower. The different height adjustments leave room to choose which height is the best for you. Consumers have decided that these adjustments are ideal for their lawn. They have raved about the ability to cut their medium to larger lawns with little to no effort and off of a full tank of gas. Some have even titled this as the best mower for your lawn on several aspects.

The Negatives of the DB8605-22

Many consumers who have purchased this lawn mower have complained that it is very cheaply made and that it is frustrating to put together. The door to the mulching process broke off and instead of being able to one pull start, it took several pulls for some consumers to get it started on the second and third use. Many consumers have complained that the adjusting bar that changes the height of the wheels for cutting broke off and was irreparable. The gas tank seems to be big enough to handle smaller yards, but when it comes to an acre yard it may need an extra fill up.

In Conclusion

There are thousands of options to choose from when considering a lawn mower. These options can range from manual mowers that you have to push, up to riding mowers that have zero degree turning capabilities. Many consumers are finding that by doing an adequate amount of research that they are in fact finding he better deals and saving money and time on mowers that might not be up to par.