KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer Review

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer

Just about any mixer from KitchenAid is worth a purchase. We’re big fans of the brand around here because they simply make consistently good products for any budget range. There are a couple here on the site at and this one, the Professional 600, is nestled firmly at the higher end of the price spectrum. Retailing for around $360, this machine is half the price of the far more expensive Kenwood KMM021, a comparable unit in terms of size and power with the capabilities to attach additional accessories to make pasta, grind meat, and so on. Like the KMM021, this one also has steel tools for effective and efficient results. It also boasts all of the terrific features that make KitchenAid products so popular and valuable.

All Metal, No Plastic

Sure, plastic gets the job done. It’s a good material suitable for a wide range of uses and there are plenty of great mixers on the market that incorporate plastic in their manufacturing. Some are made entirely of plastic with similar accessories. But when you want something that’s going to last and endure the repeated use that a professional stand mixer is bound to withstand, then metal is really the best way to go. The 600 has been crafted entirely out of metal, from its steel gears to the outer body, even the mixing bowl and accessories are stainless steel.

Tough on the Inside

Steel isn’t the only thing that makes the 600 a formidable appliance in the kitchen, it has a pretty powerful motor as well. This unit has 575 watts of output built to deliver commercial grade performance with a direct drive, all-steel gear transmission to provide superior results no matter what the recipe calls for, no matter what the job. It’s also a smart unit, featuring the company’s Soft Start mixing technology designed to prevent the mixer from splashing ingredients and flour by using gentle acceleration at the start of operation before reaching full speed. You also get an Electronic Speed Sensor which makes sure the blender maintains proper speed for the duration of your mix time. Overheating is always a possibility with any size mixer, but the 600 knows to automatically shut itself off when it begins to sense that it might be getting overtaxed.

Summing Up

We could go on all day about the 600 and the great many benefits that it offers. The fact that it has planetary mixing motion with 67 touch points per rotation around the bowl, an available 12 attachments, and a choice of colors are only some of the many reasons this one is worth the money. You also get 10 speed settings, each one designed to take on specific tasks to give you excellent results time and again. There’s even a lever to help you lift and lower the bowl, which is quite handy with a full 6 quart capacity and makes your work easier when your batch of mashed potatoes or bread dough has taken up the entire extent of available volume.