Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender Review

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Anyone who is interested in saving some money and getting that little bit more creative in their own kitchen could do a lot worse than buying a blender. Rather than going to a coffee shop each morning to buy your favourite smoothie, or going to the stall in town to pay an extortionate price for a milkshake, why not take a look at this Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher blender review and see if it can help you!

Does it have any good features?

Blenders come in all shapes and sizes and but this one in particular combines performance and aesthetics well. Its best feature is its patented “Ice Sabre” blades, which make crushing ice (a challenge some similar blenders fail) look like child’s play. At its peak of 700 Watts of power, the machine has all of the clout needed to mix, puree, dice, crush, and more so you better have a large recipe book ready to test out everything! After you have experienced all 14 of the blending functions available, you’ll have no problems cleaning the blender as it is dishwasher safe. Put all of this with the Hamilton Beach’s 3 year warranty and you are looking at a very impressive blender package.

Will I have to make room for it in my kitchen?

Unless your kitchen is filled to the brim with various gadgets and appliances then the answer is no. It has a tiny frame of only 11 x 9 x 13.8 inches and it only weighs 7.5 pounds out of the box. You might have to slightly rearrange your worktop, but otherwise the Hamilton Beach will slip right in!

The good, the bad, and the ugly?

Hamilton Beach have a long standing reputation for durability and dependability and the same can be said about this blender. It should last you a long time and as a result you’ll be able to have ice cold smoothies for ages to come! It has such a wide variety of features that you’ll never run out of recipes to try, whether it be blending up your favourite fruits or pureeing some tomatoes for a spaghetti sauce, this blender will play a big role in your cooking methods! The wave-action technology should ensure that you never have a lumpy blend as it draws the ingredients down into the blades, and even if something goes wrong you’ll have the three year warranty to look after you!

However this wouldn’t be a very good review if I didn’t also look at what could go wrong with the blender; or the “bad as it may otherwise be called. The predominant complaint owners of the machine have put forward is about the power and the blades not doing their jobs properly. They have stated that they’ve needed to chop up the fruit they wanted to put into the smoothie themselves, effectively doing the machines job for it and negating its purpose. There’s no point getting a machine which can’t do its own job!

So should I buy it?

When everything is taken into account, the Hamilton Beach looks like a very nice little machine. It does have complaints about its lack of power, but these are dwarfed by the number of happy customers it has produced. It has a lot of features for a small machine, so if you are looking for a good entry-level piece of kit then this may be the blender for you!